Transitioning your fleet to electric means a lower total cost of ownership, higher driver retention and satisfaction, a higher efficiency rate in operations, and much more.

Ford F-150 Lightning

The 2023 Ford F-150® Lightning™ Pro has the strength to tackle your toughest jobs. The Pro Power Onboard feature can power the tools on your job site for up to three days and its Mega Power Frunk is the largest front trunk on any all-electric pickup.

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2023 E-Transit

The 2023 Ford E-Transit van can help to potentially drive costs down. With three different roof heights and body lengths to choose from – Chassis Cab, Cutaway, and Cargo van models – it’s easy to find the right E-Transit for your business.

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2023 Electric E-450

Obtain zero emissions, comfort, durability, efficiency, and performance in a proven and familiar package. The customizable E-450 comes in a variety of seating and storage configurations to meet all of your fleet needs.


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Home Charging

A great option that allows drivers to continue taking their work vehicles home, reducing everyday drive time and cost. • 0-100% charge in 8 Hours (E-Transit) • 15-100% charge in 10 Hours (F-150­® Lightning™ Pro Standard-Range Battery) • 240V/30A NEMA 14-50

Ford Connected Charge Station

For those fleet vehicles that stay on your lot overnight, the Ford Connect Charge Station is ideal. • 48 amps of charging power • 0-100% charge in 10.9 Hours • 28 average miles of ranger per charging hour

DC Fast-Charging

The DC Fast-Charger is great for fleets that are constantly on the move. Add up to 160 miles of Range Per Hour (RPH). • Get up to 160 miles of battery ranger replenished in an hour • 15-80% in less than 45 minutes (when using a charger capable of 150kWh)


Federal, State, and Local governments often offer tax incentives to EV owners. To learn more, follow the link below.