Moving Fleet Management Forward

Our fleet team will collaborate and develop solutions that address specific pain points, improve downtime, and enable business growth.

  • Controlling operating costs
  • Driver's safety
  • Reducing down time
  • Fleet organization
  • Increasing fleet size

Who can you trust to manage this responsibility? Who will work with you with open lines of communication and customize a package designed just for your company’s needs?


Our distinctive team will help your company customize a fleet management package that is right for you and your company. By properly managing your company’s fleet we can help reduce cost, shorten downtime and get your fleet organized.

Full Commercial Fleet Lineup

Strategic Fleet Planning

Strategic Fleet Planning focuses on fleet policy development, safety programs initiatives, vehicle selection based on lifecycle cost analyses and implementation of a company’s sustainability program.

Our fleet management team is proactive and can anticipate changes in your corporate environment. These fleet managers implement fleet programs that contribute to the achievement of overall company goals. Maybe you are looking to focus on cash flow or to zero-in on employee retention or productivity. Each corporate objective dictates different policies and fleet programs. Our team will manage the fleet to support these objectives.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Our TRACFLEETS software enables you to unite your industry experience with up-to-date numbers to make more informed choices about vehicle utilization and replacement policies.

Calculating your Fleet's TCO:


  • Purchase, Loan or Lease Payments
  • Insurance/Registration
  • Taxes
  • License & Permits
  • Depreciation


  • Fuel
  • Maintenance & Labor
  • Parts
  • Toll

Fuel, Maintenance and Labor are the largest expenses and the most challenging to manage. Our TRACFLEETS software easily allows us to calculate real-time costs while giving you full access through our customer portal. We will build custom reports for your team based on your TCO expectations.

Olathe Fleet Work Vans

Trade Cycles - The right moment to replace fleet vehicles can come and go quickly.

When is the optimal time to replace units? After being in business for over 50 years, we have the knowledge and experience to know the optimal time to replace your units. This will help to ensure you get the maximum use while still maximizing value. We will work as a team to find that window of opportunity.

Data Driven Strategies:

  • Warranty Expirations
  • Non-Budgeted Maintenance Cost Spikes
  • Risks
  • Productivity
  • Market Values
  • Overall Appearances
  • Retention of Employees

Fleet Purchasing Program


Step 1: Discovery

Together we will access your company’s wants and needs combined with our exclusive data, industry standards and business profiles. Together we will strategize for your company’s unit “life cycles” by providing customized reports that reveal the true cost of running your fleet.


Step 2: Solution

  • Establish OEM Fleet Purchasing Program
  • Operating Cost Analysis
  • Upfitting Recommendations
  • Bailment Pool Management
  • Deliver 100% “work ready” units in all 50 states

Step 3: Projections for Future Orders

  • Analyze Replacement Forecast
  • Communicate Balance out and Start Up Dates
  • TCO Cost Reports

Ship-Thru Services

Our Ship-Thru is the best option to handle your upfitting installation nationally.

Ship-Thru Services Step 1
  • Transparent pricing
  • Easy, one-shop invoicing
  • Delivery cost savings
  • Order-to-delivery shortened
  • Pick up at one of 3800 locations in all 50 states
  • 100% ready for work
  • Consistent upfit parts pricing
Red Fleet Work Vehicle

Fleet Remarketing

Olathe Fleet Solutions will choose the best avenue to obtain the maximum value of your vehicle while protecting your company brand.

  • National relationships in all 50 states
  • We will arrange pickup & transportation
  • Establish market values
  • Transparent transactions of sale of vehicles
  • Offer to purchase program
  • Driver & employee purchase program

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